Will you help us reach women online?

Scarlet Hope Las Vegas exists to share the hope and love of Jesus with women in the adult entertainment industry. With an ever-changing environment in Las Vegas, we are striving to meet women where they are to engage them with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our deepest desire for them to know that they are loved and made in the image of the Creator of the universe.

As a national organization, we are partnering with another organization to launch Text Outreach in our city. They developed a software called Freedom Signal that will allow us to engage thousands of women through text messages, offering them hope, crisis intervention, counseling, and resources. 

To do this, we need support. We are seeking individuals and organizations to partner with us financially to seek and save women. Consider the impact you can have…


provides the first meal for a rescued woman


provides web access and data management


provides Celebrate Recovery curriculum for one woman


provides groceries for a family for one month


provides clean clothing for a rescued woman


provides mental health care


provides overnight lodging in crisis situations


provides one month of crisis intervention housing

Would you sponsor a meal per month, one night of emergency housing, or help with medical and mental health needs for 1 woman seeking freedom?

We would be honored to have your partner with us to extend Christ’s love to women in the adult entertainment industry.